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Your partner for thermal imaging and aerial photography in and around Ulm / Neu-Ulm



  • Have you always wanted to see your house from a bird's eye view?

  • Create images for an exposé?

  • document your construction site history?

  • Perform quality assurance from the air?

  • Check the signature of your facade or windows?

  • Search your field for roe deer without wasting time?

  • Have the photovoltaic system (on the roof or the open space) checked for damage?

  • Photograph your property to have a memory with a special angle of view?

  • Check the rain gutter for contamination and damage?

  • Take a night lytime shot of your terrain to check the illumination of the street lights?

  • Check heat signatures of electrical components?

  • Hard-to-reach places?

  • Keeping the family festival from the point of view of a bird?

  • It's night and you're looking for someone? Our drone can help with searchlights!

JB-Technik - your reliable partner for aerial photographs of any kind.

With our dJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual drone aircraft, we can take both 4K recordings and videos from up to 100m high as well as thermal imaging. For this purpose, our drone is equipped with a thermal imaging sensor from Flir, which can measure in the temperature range from -10°C to max. 400°C. At the same time, we can also help in the search for missing persons through the appropriate annexes. We use searchlights and can also use the possibility to search for missing persons via loudspeaker.


Simple recordings start from 80€, these include:
- 2 images of our drone as desired (no thermal imaging)

The departure of photovoltaic systems is calculated via a flat rate per KW. Small plants up to 15 KW are used at 30€ per KW.

Prices are available on request!

Individual offers and enquiries are always addressed to us:

Some examples of what is possible with our drone.


Consulting I Planning Electrical installation Thermal image

Aerial view